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About me

This site contains work created during my graduate career at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). At UALR, I have taken extensive courses with a strong concentration on document design and proper placement of textual content and images on print media and web development. Additionally, I have taken graduate courses which stressed the rhetorical aspects of web design and its construction, focusing on the importance of the audience(s), purpose(s), and accessibility issues such as website navigation, readability, visual design, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. My studies have also included the practice of the use of visual elements in technical communication, with a strong emphasis on typography, page layout, data displays, pictorial communication, and usability testing for both print and online documentation.

The purpose of this portfolio is to display a specialized knowledge and mastery of technical communication learned from the education received within the graduate program offered through the Rhetoric and Writing Department of UALR. The program specifically gave me a platform to expand my knowledge towards creating effective documentation that may be delivered in a variety of formats. As mentioned previously, courses that I have taken focused my understanding of layout and design, print media, embedded help, and Web content. Each design artifact I create focuses on a central design strategy. This process of utilizing a strategy towards creating documentation has been developed from my coursework and has evolved and been refined by working closely with my educators of the program, internships, and independent studies.

When I create something, either for web or print production, I’ve been asked, “How did you do it?” For a long time, I couldn’t really answer this question. It was more of what I felt was right and after some years spent during my training in the program and from work experience, I’ve realized that I couldn’t answer this question directly because the design principles that I follow have been embedded in my mind and are more of an instinct rather than a conscious decision. I instinctively know where to place elements on the canvas of a document and like a surgeon, meticulously slicing textual components, sewing together images and words, and sometimes performing complete reconstructions in order to format a clearer message to the audience I am designing for.

There is no singular answer as to how I create designs, especially at the beginning of a project. But what I can focus on is what I feel is the most misunderstood part; the document design principles in which I follow. Document design principles provide me with a vehicle for ensuring that there is a united and comprehensive approach towards formatting and creating efficient documentation and this process can be seen throughout my portfolio.