Prezi Software Documentation
Prezi Software Documentation
ON: February 01, 2014
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The Adobe RoboHelp Project was designed under the supervision of Dr. Karen Kuralt and was designed to provide students with helpful information about how to use Prezi for presentations, useful tips when designing presentations, and the differences between a Prezi and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Though Microsoft PowerPoint is the premier software that has been used widely for presentations, it doesn’t offer the interactive applications. Prezi can achieve by utilizing a single, non-linear canvas during a presentation. Prezi offers impressive theme arrangements, larger-than-life text, zooming images, and the ability to embed video and sound within the presentation design.

The goal of this project was to create effective software documentation for the Prezi presentation software using Adobe RoboHelp as a platform to create help files. This project allowed me centralized documentation pertaining to Prezi and provided users with easily accessible content including navigation links, search capabilities, and an online index. My central focus when designing this help system was to create a clean and customizable and interface that resembled a traditional website rather than a typical help system that can be created using RoboHelp’s default layout. By manipulating the HTML and CSS within the master file, I was able to code a navigation menu that included links to common pages used in the help system and a hyperlink for the UALR Rhetoric and Writing Departmental website. Throughout my entire graduate career, this project has been one of my greatest accomplishments.

Impressively, since this project has been launched, users that Google “Prezi Vs PowerPoint” have complete access to this site, as it ranks number 3 on the list within Google’s powerful search engine (see image below). Please click the link to view the site: sep2

3 sep2

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