St. Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas
St. Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas
ON: January 06, 2014
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In January of 2012, St. Vincent Health System (SVHS) acquired Heart Clinic Arkansas, the state’s largest cardiology group with 29 physicians. Heart Clinic Arkansas was shortly after renamed to St. Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas. The acquisition of such a large cardiology group became a major accomplishment for SVHS, eventually becoming a chief factor towards SVHS being ranked the number one health care facility in the state of Arkansas (current as of 2014).

As part of an internship within the Marketing Department of SVHS, I was given the opportunity to design a new print media campaign for St. Vincent Heart Clinic. Since this was a new merger, the only file I had to draw inspiration from was an old print flier for Heart Clinic Arkansas (see image below). A few instructions from the marketing director were scribbled on the sheet of paper I was and I was given full design authority to create the new campaign.

My goal when creating this marketing campaign was to incorporate the colors and specific font choices SVHS is known for and used for previous published marketing material. By applying the branding standards to newly published St. Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas marketing items, patients and visitors associate the clinic as part of the SVHS brand.


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