UALR Music Department: Halle-Boo-Jah
UALR Music Department: Halle-Boo-Jah
ON: January 30, 2014
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The Halle-Boo-Jah poster was designed for the UALR Music Department under the direction of Dr. Karen Kuralt. This project was printed for the 2011 Halle-Boo-Jah Event and has been framed in the Music Department’s Lobby.

My goal for creating this poster was to inform students and staff of the upcoming event and spark an interest in the Music Department. The main function of creating this poster was to capture a moving audience with a message about the event’s location and time. Knowing that there is only a short amount of time to attract and hold the reader’s attention, I used a zombie themed movie poster concept with three zombies located in the center of the poster as the focal point. The reader’s eyes are then drawn to the specifics about the event in the following text on the poster.

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